Monday, March 31, 2008

Slezak, Leo

(1873-1946), Austrian tenor, studied in Paris, made his debut at Brno in 1896, then sang in Berlin, Vienna, London, and NY Met, retired from opera stage in 1933, and became a popular comedian in films.

Smetana, Bedrich

(1824-1884), Czech(Bohemian) composer, inspired by the Liszt's Prqgue recital in 1840, determined to be a musician and became a commitment, stimulating his own creativity-tone poem. He composed symphonic tone poems(My Fatherland.. etc), operas(The Bartered Bride, Daliber... etc), and chamber music.

Sobinov, Leonid

(1872-1934), Russian tenor, studied in Moscow, debut in 1984. Sang with great success in St. Petersburg. He excelled in such different roles as Romeo, Lohengrin, Orfeo, and Wether.

Sojo, Vincente Emilio

(1887-1974), Venezuelan composer, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Caracas, then taught there, he helped found the Venezuelan Symphony, leading it for 20 years. The influence of Venezuelan traditional music is strong in his works.

Soloviev-Sodoi, V. P.

(1907-1979), Russian composer

Sousa, John Philip

(1854-1933), American composer/conductor, studied violin and other instruments in Washington DC, appointed member of the Marine Band, conducted theater orchestra in Philadelphia, and Marine Band, known as 'The March King", composed 136 marches, songs, dance music, and many band arrangements.

Spain Zarzuela Composers-1

Zarzuela is a type of Spanish opera buffa, the music is always colorful and straightforward, the dialogue lively and often improvised. The stamps show composers and the scenes from their works.

Spain Zarzuela Composers-2

Zarzuela composers and scenes from their works

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spendiarov, Alexandr Afansevich

(1871-1928), Armenian(then Russia) composer/conductor, studied composition with Rimsky-Korsakov, taught at Yerevan Conservatory, his music weds the Russian nationalistic style with Crimean and Armenian folk elements; he composed 1 opera, orchestral pieces, choral works, and chamber music.

Spohr, Louis(Ludwig)

(1784-1859), German composer/violinist, studied violin in Brunswick, made himeself as a violin virtuoso, toured Europe and Russia, composed 15 violin concertos, and symphonies.

Spontini, Gaspare(Luigi)

(1774-1851), Italian composer, studied at the Turchini Conservatory, he settled in Paris, went to Berlin, and then returned to his birthplace.
Composed mainly operas

Stamitz, Johann

(1717-1757), Czech composer/violinist, trained in Prague at the university during 1734-35; regarded as one of the foremost early classical symphonists; he composed symphonies, various concertos(15 violin, 11 flute, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet, and piano), and chamber music.

Stephanescu, George

(1843-1925), Romanian composer, studied at the Bucharest and Paris Conservatories, taught at the Bucharest Conservatory, director of Bucharest National Theater; he composed 3 operettas, symphony, and chamber music.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stolz, Robert

(1880-1975), Austrian composer/conductor, studied at the Vienna Conservatory, then with Humperdinck, conducted various orchestras in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, and US, he composed operettas, and film scores(Hollywood).

Stokowski, Leopold

(8882-1980), American conductor, born in London of Polish parentage, studied in Paris Conservatory, conducted throughout Europe, and US major orchestras.
(The stamp is a picture from the film "Fantasia")

Stradivari, Antonio

(1644-1737), Italian violin maker, pupil of Amati.
He is generally considered to have produced his greatest instruments during 1700-1720.

Strauss, Johann, Jr.

(1824-1899), Austrian composer, know as 'King of Viennese Waltz", composed Viennese operettas, and over 400 waltzes and dance music.

Strauss, Johann, Sr.

(1804-1849), Austrian composer/conductor, "The Father of the Waltz" and father of 3 sons(composers) - Johann(Jr), Joseph, and Eduard, composed mainly waltzes but lesser known.

Strauss, Richard

(1864-1949), German composer/conductor, conducted the Munich Opera and Berlin Royal Opera, then at Holland, France, etc. composed operas, concertos, symphonies, and symphonic poems.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stravinsky, Igor

(1882-1971), Russian composer, left Russia, went to Switzerland, France, then settled in US, composed ballet music, concertos, symphonies etc.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Suk, Josef

(1874-1935), Czech violinist and composer, pupil and son-in-law of Dvorak, studied at the Prague Conservatory, played in Bohemian String Quartet, composed string senerade, symphony etc.

Sullivan, Arthur, Sir

(1842-1900), British composer, studied in Leipzig Conservatory, he was knighted in 1883 at the Queen's command, composed mainly comic operas and incidental music.
The stamps, issued to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary, depict the scenes from his operas.

Sulzer, Salomon

(1804-1890), Austrian composer and cantor, composed and arranged for solo cantor, and chorus. His voice was admired by Scholars and musicians as well, including Schumann, Liszt, and Meyerbeer. In 1868 he was made knight of the Order of Franz Joseph.

Suppe, Franz von

(1819-1895), Austrian composer, father of Viennese operettas, composed over 200 stage works, including 31 operettas

Sutherland, Joan

Born in Sydney, 1926, studied in London, sang in most of the world opera houses, made a Dame of British Empire in 1979, retired in 1991.

Svendsen, Johann(Severin)

(1840-1911), Norwegian violinist, and composer, studied in Leipzig, toured Europe as violinist, conducted in Norway, then settled in Copenhagen. Composed 3 violin concertos, 2 symphonies, chamber music etc.

Szell, George

(1897-1970), Hungarian/American conductor, studied in Vienna, then conducted in Europe, after WWII he settled in US, conducted Met Opera, then served music director of Cleveland Orchestra from 1946 to his death.

Szymanowski, Karol

(1882-1937), Polish composer, born in Ukraine, studied in Berlin, Vienna, then return to Warsaw, composed ballet music, symphony, 1 violin concerto, and chamber music.

Tailleferre, Germaine

(1892-1983), French composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory, one of "Les nouveaux jeunes"(Groupe of Six),
composed ballet music, concertos, and chamber music.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Valen, (Olav) Fartein

(1887-1952), Norwegian composer, studied in Berlin, composed 5 symphonies, violin concerto, and chamber music.