Monday, December 31, 2007

Wolf, Hugo

Austrian composer
(1860-1903), began study of violin and piano with his father, then attended Vienna Conservatory, but he was expelled, served as assistant and chorus master at the salzburg Opera, he is famed for his many beautiful songs. Today he is generally ranked among the few foremost Lieder composers, including Schubert and Brahms.

Wood, Sr. Henry

British conductor
(1869-1944), studied at the Royal Academy of Music, then taught there.
He conducted Royalty Theatre, Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts(known as 'Proms') until his death, founded the Nottingham Orchestra in 1899.
He was knighted in 1911.

Ysaye, Eugene

Belgian violinist and composer
(1858-1931), began violin lessons with his father, then with Wieniawski and Viextemps, taught at the Brussels Conservatory, toured Europe, Russia and USA as a violin virtuoso, in 1886 he established the Ysaye Quartet. An international violin competition in Brussels was created for his memory in 1951, this became the violin section of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition.

Zeller, Carl(Johann Adam)

Austrian composer
Composer of operettas, studied law at the University of Vienna, but took music lesson privately, received a doctorate degree in law from the University of Graz, served in the Austrian Minister of Education and Culture, composed 7 operettas..
The stamp showing the character of his operettas - "Der Vogelhandler"

Ziehrer, Carl Michael

Austrian composer
Compser of operettas, and dance music. In his life time, he was one of the fiercest rivals of the Strauss family, especially Johann Strauss, Jr. and Eduard Strauss. Ziehrer was known as a military bandmaster, and was invited to perform at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. He toured 41 German cities, finnaly returned to Vienna. He composed mainly operettas.