Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chinese composers

Xian Xinghai(1905-1945), studied at the National Music Institute at Peking and then entered Shanghai Music Conservatory, in 1929 went to Paris to study at the Paris Conservatory with Dukas and d'Indy, composed 2 symphonies, 1 violin concerto, about 300 songs. He is best known for his Yellow River Cantata, upon which the Yellow River Concerto is based.
Nie Er(1912-1935), displayed an interest in music from early age, became conductor of the school's Childrens' Orchestra, participated in musical activities since Middle school and learned play violin and piano, organized 'Chinese Contemporary Music Research Group", in 1933 he joined the Communist party, in 1935 he drowned while swimming in Japan en route to Russia for further study. He composed 37 songs, "The March of the Volunteers" became the national anthem of Communist China(PRC).

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